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Sponsorship Information Pack

Why Sponsor Us?

Eid is a great opportunity Muslims from all over the UK and Europe have to meet and strengthen their bonds of love and brotherhood and to showcase Islam and its many beautiful aspects.
Eid In Bedford is a family centred project with two clear objectives:
1. Highlight all the Eid prayers available in Bedford during Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha for the public to access
2. Bring back the joy by providing a real alternative for the Muslim community where they can enjoy an Eid activity with thousands of other Muslims in an environment more in line with their faith.
Everyone is welcome; it is not only for Muslims, invite your neighbours and friends to experience how Muslims celebrate their festivities!
After successful years of organising the Eid festival, Eid in Bedford is yet to get bigger and better!
Why sponsorship works:
Every day we hear of successful examples from a range of leading sponsors that show what sponsorship has helped them achieve.
Decision to invest in sponsorship has to be underpinned by sound commercial logic but it is often the most efficient way of achieving marketing objectives.
Currently this event is self-funded and we want to provide our communities with an enjoyable family day out in the festive season of Eid. We are able to provide for this event from previous savings; however with your support we can grow and exceed the current quality and quantity of this event.
Sponsorship will deliver:
Increased awareness
Brand building
Encourage sales
We will have an estimated attendance of 25,000 people throughout the weekend. There will be media coverage throughout the day by national tv channels and with all our online partners we have a combined social media presence of 500,000 followers.
Market exposure:
Social media presence: 500,000
Average attendees at Eid prayers: 15,000
Estimated attendance throughout the Eid Festival: 25,000
Average reach of announcements via Mosque radio transmitters: 7,000
Average attendees at Mosque during weekly Friday prayers: 3,500
Daily Ramadan night prayers: 3,500
Average guests at Ramadan Iftar gatherings: 2000
The above are a guideline, areas, events and opportunities are to be discussed to suit the needs of your business. Bespoke packages created to a specific market are also available. For more information contact:
Malik Khan: 07882 737301        Tariq Iqbal: 07812 206365           Email: eidinbedford@gmail.com
Download this years Sponsorship Pack.